Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SharePoint Conference 2011 Day 2

Day 2 of the SharePoint conference was more of the same as day 1, except that it was jam packed with sessions all day. There were three notable sessions that I attended that I want to talk about.
The first session was our very own Phil Wicklund’s session on SharePoint in the Cloud: Architecture. This session was very informative and talked about the different cloud architectures supported by Microsoft, from the SharePoint Online shared to SharePoint Online Dedicated (which is hosted by Microsoft), to a hybrid scenario where some of your SharePoint installation could be hosted on premise and some in the cloud. Phil made very interesting points about which scenario you would address your business needs. He also talked about the search experience and how to store your user profiles and tag clouds so they are aggregated and available. Great session to understand what feature set is supported in each scenario. Tomorrow Phil presents on managing identity in SharePoint online so that will be a great session as well.

Another session I attended was Ted Pattison’s JQuery and HTML5. This session also contained good information about how to get started in jQuery and provided some examples of how effective it is. Ted had a demo built out of different things that can be done with it and showed some code samples for the same. The interesting part is that jQuery works on every browser just the same so you only have to code it once. Ted also talked about HTML5 and where this is heading vis-à-vis Silverlight. From the session I gathered that HTML5 is not ready for prime time yet, there is work required to make it work with the different latest browsers (due to lack of standards), but it is even more work to make it function in older browsers. So, Silverlight is still the way to go for a delightful user experience, but HTML is the far future in terms of browsers. Using HTML5 for building mobile apps across the different mobile platforms, that is another question altogether..

Another session I attended was Todd Bleeker’s Building a custom service application in SharePoint 2010. I have to admit it was one of the most animated technical presentations I have ever attended. He was very excited about what he was presenting, so much so that it was really hard to not get caught up in it. He did a great job explaining the details and the plumbing behind building service applications in SP 2010. It was a very technical session and I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the presentation of that content.  I would definitely recommend checking Todd out for understanding the service application model and building a custom service application.

Going to the SPC 2011 conference at Disneyland tonight (the happiest and most magical place on earth). More till later.

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