Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slashing Costs with SharePoint 2010

Just wanted to let you guys know that AIC is doing an event in Denver next week - called "Slashing Costs with SharePoint 2010 in the Real World". Come attend to learn more about this very insightful presentation.

Join Analysts International (AIC), SoftwareONE and AmeriTeach for a luncheon with Anthony Lopez, Vice President, Information Technology at RE/MAX International, Inc. Anthony will discuss how RE/MAX International partnered with AIC to reduce their costs by 75% using Microsoft SharePoint.

In conjunction with Anthony’s presentation, there will be discussion of the features and functionalities of SharePoint 2010 along with how these new features enable IT to continue to deliver business solutions and reduce cost simultaneously. Additionally, the team will highlight the various licensing options and will guide you through the deployment and hosting options available. Lastly, we will discuss the options available for assisting your upgrade or implementation of SharePoint through training your team, as well as, how to leverage Software Assurance benefits to do so effectively.

Whether you are currently running SharePoint or not, understand the power of SharePoint 2010 and engage with your peers who currently are experiencing the business benefits that SharePoint has to offer, including;

- Lower Administrative and Maintenance Costs
- Platform Consolidation
- Tool Consolidation
- Process Improvement
- Collaboration Efficiencies

Click here to sign up and attend. See you there!