Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stsadm access denied on Windows Server 2008

I recently ran into a situation where I encountered Access Denied errors when attempting to run stsadm on a dev Windows Server 2008 Web Edition. I checked to see if the user account I was using was a local administrator on the server and it was.

I looked around some more and I was not sure what was causing the problem. Then my friend suggested that we look into the User Account Control settings and those were enabled to help "protect" the server. Turning those off allowed me to run stsadm from the command line.

The User Account Control (UAC) is found under Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Turn User Account Control on or off.


William Powell said...

You can also just option-click (right-click) on your Command Prompt shortcut and click Run as administrator. You will find stsadm runs fine and your command window will now have a title of Administrator: Command Prompt

Anonymous said...

as William said, this sometimes fixes it but a perminant fix is to disable User Access Control in control panel > user accounts