Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SharePoint PNP Guidance is Live

The SharePoint guidance which focuses on WSS went live last week. This guidance provides architects and developers best practices on how to:

-- Make architectural decisions about feature factoring, packaging, and the appropriate usage of design patterns.
-- Determine design tradeoffs for common decisions many developers encounter, such as when to use SharePoint lists or a database to store information.
-- Design for testability, create unit tests, and run continuous integration.
-- Set up different environments including the development, build, test, staging, and production environments.
-- Manage the application life cycle through development, test, deployment, and upgrading.

This is really useful and I have been using it on a recent SharePoint extranet project I am doing. Be sure to take a look. You can find more information about it on Blaine's blog post here. You can also check out the content on MSDN here. I will be presenting a session on this at the Rocky Mountain user group next week with John Daniels who was very involved in this project, so anyone in the area please plan on attending to get more details.

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