Monday, October 6, 2008

Branding SharePoint

Hello All,
I just wanted to reinforce with something I recently worked on - how easy it is to rebrand SharePoint site collections or even just individual sites themselves.

This is a picture of the new IT site of the intranet as part of a communication initiative I was leading in April/May at my last job. The styles were done through an override css, but another thing to notice is that paying attention on the actual page content helps as well.
Update: Anybody interested in branding, please make sure to check out my original post where I explain the details around this branding.


RB said...

very nice -- i'm going through branding hell right now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Faraz
Nice site, what dint your do which all that nasty html sharepoint spits out? and do your have any expericens with

Faraz said...

I have not worked with the GetSharePointToValidate but I did use the css control adapters to change a lot of the ugly html into ul and li tags.

Check this out.

HAK said...

Hi Faraz..

I need bit a help.. i hv created a site collection i am using WSs 3.0, and i need to secure my site using SSL... even though i add all necessary properties ... i am not able to open the site in https://<>/sites mode but i can open the same site using http://<>/sites/...
ihv also created the CA for this site..
and for info this is a new site collection .. not the extended of defualt....

please suggest...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Faraz. Is it possible for you to post the left navigation code.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faraz,

Please contact me (
regarding a freelance opportunity. I am interested in the master page/theme you created for one source.