Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ALWAYS ALWAYS Run PRESCAN before migrating Sharepoint 2003 to MOSS

I just got bit by this recenty. ALWAYS run prescan.exe on your SharePoint 2003 environment before you migrate to MOSS 2007. Prescan prepares the database for upgrade. In particular, it parses and saves list definitions with the associated lists, as well as reports any errors that will cause the upgrade to fail. I have already done 2 SharePoint 2003 to MOSS 2007 migrations in a test environment and things moved over pretty well (I did this to document the post migration steps required for our environment - VERY GOOD PRACTICE). Finally when we were migrating to stage -- upon attaching the database using stsadm I got the following error.

"The [Databasename] on [servername] contains user defined schema. Databases must be empty before they must be used. Delete all tables, stored procedures and other objects or use a different database".

After going over what we did differently this time, we realized that we had forgotten to run prescan that day before backing up and moving the database. So we did exactly that and the migration to stage went as expected.

So run prescan early and often if you are migrating to MOSS 2007.


Anonymous said...

I've got the same error, but haven't migrated, just a clean install of MOSS 2007 and after a while we got this error? What's the solution if you already have the error?

vandana said...

Hi Faraz ,
I have already run Prescan before the migration of SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 .It ran successfully however now The _SITE db imported with minor errors in the logs. However, their _SERV and _PROF both fail with the following message:

“techpvtest_prof on forge/techarea contains user-defined schema. DB must be empty before they can be used. Delete all of the tables, stored procedures and other objects or use a different database.”

I deleted the db and created a new one but get the same message. I know very little about DBs so am not comfortable with deleting the tables etc.
kindy help me in this issue ASAP.


Faraz said...

Are you running the prescan tool against all your databases in your SPS 2003 instance?

I would look into that first - looks like you ran it just against the content website.

Anonymous said...

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Peter Pants said...

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