Friday, June 15, 2007

MOSS 2007 Service accounts

If any of you have tried to install MOSS 2007 with only the service accounts listed in Bill English's book on the service accounts page, you will see the service accounts below.
Setup User
SQL Server Service
Server Farm
SSP App Pool
SSP Service Account
Windows SharePoint Services Search
Search Default Content Access Account
Search Specific Content Access Account
User Profile and Properties Content Access Account
Excel Services Unattended Service Account
App Pool Identity

In fact, you will need another account to even complete the initial required tasks. That is the Office Server search account. It needs access to the following databases:

Configuration database
SharePoint_AdminContent database
SSP database
SSP search database

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I have one question. I know it is not related but anyways if you can help me, i will really appreciate.
I need to use AcInv.aspx page controls in my list edit page with complete funtionality. How I can do that.
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